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Website layout
« on: September 11, 2016, 05:00:22 AM »
Whoever designed the current landing page at what an excellent job you've done! The layout is very clean and looks highly professional. The promising content is also presented very clearly and in a manner that attracted and held my attention.

Another thing that immediately struck my eye is that the text and graphics are currently 100% male  :)
  • The logo shows a male speaker
  • The photo in the "confidence transformation" header shows a male person
  • Some role titles sound very male as well
I reckon that we don't intend to stick to the male-only tradition of Ancient Greece! May I suggest to
  • add some photos of females as well or even make the person in the logo gender-neutral?
  • on the club experience website, change "him" to "them" and "Hot Questions Master" to "Hot Questions Chair" or "Hot Questions Facilitator"? Oh, and are speakers really supposed to be "victims"? ;) I imagine that most readers would not understand that this is meant ironically, which I presume it is.
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